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Weekly Registration June 7-13

Gaea Retreat Center will now be opening to recreational activities throughout the week. This is very dependent upon the community being responsible to and for each other, and relying on each other to respect the guidelines below. The board of directors wants to ensure to the greatest extent possible the safety of the community. The following guidelines will be in place until further notice. 




CABINSPACE: IF you are wanting to reserve space in a cabin please email to complete the reservation process.

Preregistration is required!

During this time to help with contact tracing and to follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC, only 125 people will be allowed on property on any given day. In order to facilitate this, each week we will have a pre-registration space on the website that is available to book your stay.  

To be allowed on property, you (and everyone with you, including children) must pre-register. 

Everyone must also pre-pay, to remove cash-handling. 

Pre-registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  

To do work projects, you must contact the caretaker ahead of time to arrange when you will be on property, and what project you want to do. 



Entrance and Exit

To make sure that we can keep these safety guidelines, we’ll be keeping the gate closed and locked. From 10 pm to 6 am, people may leave, but re-entrance will not be permitted overnight. We ask that you try to only leave if it is an emergency and you need to go.

A walkie-talkie will be available at gate so that you can request entrance during the days that you have pre-registered. You may use the same walkie to request exit.  

If you need to leave after 10 pm, there will be a walkie talkie at the exit, and someone on duty that will let you out. 


Building Access - Showerhouse Only


We are hoping to be able to keep the showerhouse open, so help us follow these guidelines - we want you to be able to have a place to get clean, stay cool, and protect us from things besides Covid, too. 

The showerhouse is open, and will be cleaned twice per day. We ask that if you use the showerhouse, to clean it after every use, spraying steramine on the toilets and faucets after you use them. The garage doors need to stay open at all times, and the fan needs to remain on while changing. The showerhouse should have a maximum of 6 people inside of it at any given time. 


Safety Guidelines! 


We can’t emphasize enough how much we love this community, and want us to be safe - together! We have missed you so very much, and everything below here is not a suggestion - it’s a requirement, to respect each other, and to keep each other safe! We will be providing as much signage as possible to help you remember all of this information, and if you have a question - please ask! Let’s do this! 



If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must remain off property for 14 days after symptoms have subsided, or after you were diagnosed, whichever comes later.  

If you have been caring for or living with an individual who was diagnosed with Covid-19, you must remain off property for 14 days after the last time you came in contact with that person. 

If you currently have a fever (100.4F or higher), a cough, shortness of breath, a sore throat, muscle aches (not related to injury or exercise), loss of taste or smell, or gastro-intestinal issues that are not related to another condition, you must remain off property for at least 14 days after the end of the symptoms. 

People attending in violation of the above guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action. 

If you become sick, or someone you care for becomes sick after leaving land, please notify the BOD as quickly as possible. We will be notifying anyone on land during your times that they could have been exposed. 


Social Distancing  

A distance of 6ft is to be kept with people not in your household at all times. 

No sharing food or beverages with other campers not in your household. Please bring any food or water you will need so that you do not get hungry or dehydrated! This is not the time for picnics or potlucks. 

If anyone is found to be violating these rules, they will be given a warning, and then asked to leave property.



Sanitizing Efforts

When using the showerhouse or portapotty, any entrant must spray down the port-a-potty or toilet before and after using it, including the door handles (inner and outer), the seat, handrails, urinal (if used), and anything else you touch. Please refer to instructional signage located on/near port-a-potty and in the showerhouse.Steramine will be provided.  

Sanitizers to be used for porta potties will be an alcohol and peroxide solution. We encourage you to spray it on and let it dry for a few minutes before use (alcohol takes up to ten minutes to dry and kill germs). 

Spray bottles will be set outside the porta potties and by toilets in the showerhouse.  

If volunteering, when using tools, you are to sanitize every tool you used when you are done.

After using a weedeater, swap the strap for a spare, hang the used strap in the sunlight and spray the used strap with the tool-sanitizer outside of the Main Hall. (Steramine)

All tools should be sprayed down with steramine after use.  

Everything is now Pack In - Pack Out. It is far too dangerous at this time for anyone to sort through trash, so do not discard anything - TRASH OR RECYCLING - at camp. Bring it back out with you. This includes your regular trash, and also cigarettes and pet waste. 

If anyone is found to be violating these rules, they will be given a warning, and then asked to leave property until full re-opening.

We will be reviewing this at the next board meeting, to make sure that things are going well, and the safety guidelines are working.We cannot express at this time, how grateful we are to each and every one of you for your support, your hard work, and your dedication to the Mission of Earth Rising. Please let us know if you have any questions.