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The Gaea Retreat Center is a place that many call a second home. A place for them to walk proud and be happy with who they are. They come to find comfort in friendships and to find a peace with nature. In these troubled times of war and financial crisis, Gaea's arms embrace even more looking for a solace.

The fact that she not only survives during these times but continues to make improvements for the betterment of the land, and the many loving individuals that walk her wonderous trails or breath in the beauty of a sunset is a testament to her beauty.

Each year, the winter season is the hardest for us, as campers come out less due to the cold weather and the festivals wait for the ground to thaw. This is the time of year where we try to stretch everything we can to make it to the next summer. Which we then spend working to build up enough to make it through the next winter.

Your financial support helps us to make Gaea possible for all!

Each year we operate on a budget that has us short of making it through the year but somehow, with the communities help, we make it happen.

There are many ways you can financially help camp. Sometimes without even spending a dime out of your pocket!

Donate Money



You can send a check or gift card from a home improvement store to:

Earth Rising, Inc.

P.O. Box 696

Tonganoxie, KS 66086

Donate Items

If you wish to donate any item off this list please Contact Us!

Item Category
55 gal Clear Reycling bags Expendable Items
55 gal Drum liners Expendable Items
8 ½ x 11 White Copy Paper
*we try to use recycled
Expendable Items
Clorox Bleach Expendable Items
Clorox Clean-up Expendable Items
Coffee Expendable Items
Coffee Creamer Expendable Items
Commercial Coffee Filters Expendable Items
LED Lightbulbs Expendable Items
Dish Detergent Expendable Items
Envelopes for Registration Expendable Items
Liquid hand soap Expendable Items
Murphy’s Oil Soap Expendable Items
Pine-sol Expendable Items
Steel Wool Soap Pads Expendable Items
Sugar Expendable Items
Sugar Substitute Expendable Items
Tilex Expendable Items
Wasp & Hornet Spray Expendable Items
Windex Expendable Items
Chainsaws Maintenance/Project Items
Clean Lumber
* please no less than 4’ stick, or ½ sheet plywood for storage reasons
Maintenance/Project Items
Concrete Sealer Maintenance/Project Items
Copper or PEX Pipe & Fittings
*any size
Maintenance/Project Items
Disposable Ear Plugs Maintenance/Project Items
Garden rakes Maintenance/Project Items
Hand Tools
*pliers, saws, hammers, screwdrivers, vice grips
Maintenance/Project Items
Hedge Clippers Maintenance/Project Items
Ladders Maintenance/Project Items
Leaf rakes Maintenance/Project Items
Loppers Maintenance/Project Items
*not camp colors, but misc colors for projects like the wishing well, sets for LBLD, signs, etc.
Maintenance/Project Items
Paint Brushes Maintenance/Project Items
Paint Roller Covers Maintenance/Project Items
Paint Trays Maintenance/Project Items
Propane Tanks
*grill size for winter project heat
Maintenance/Project Items
Pruners Maintenance/Project Items
Push Mowers Maintenance/Project Items
Safety Goggles Maintenance/Project Items
Sawhorses Maintenance/Project Items
Shovels Maintenance/Project Items
Spades Maintenance/Project Items